Pasadena’s Tale of Two Cities: 2019

Peter Dreier and Mark Maier | January 2019






Vegan Meals in LAUSD: A case study and lessons learned for alternatives in school food service

Megan Bomba and Olivia Wilk | June 2018





Developing Reciprocal Academic & Community Partnerships for a Meaningful & Engaged Public Helath Education: A Model from a Liberal Arts College

Heng Lam Foong, Jacqueline Tran, Jessica Welty, and Robert Gottlieb | March 2018





Working for the Mouse: A Survey of Disneyland Resort Employees

Peter Dreier, Daniel Flaming, Lucero Herrera, Martha Matsuoka, Jane Carlen, and Patrick Burns | Spring 2018








Garden to Cafeteria Steps to Success

Sharon Cech, Sarah Nolan, Rosa Romero Jeffrey Ross, and Carson Lambert | March 2018










Farmers market food assistance guide

Sharon Cech, Megan Bomba, Matthew Sharp, Frank Tamborelo, Jackie Rivera-Krous, Maggie Smart-McCabe, and Aili Osteraas-Constable | March 2018









Community-Based Health and Exposure Study Around Urban Oil Developments in South Los Angeles

Bhavna Shamasunder, Ashley Collier-Oxandale, Jessica Blickley,James Sadd, Marissa Chan,Sandy Navarro, Michael Hannigan and Nicole J. Wong  | Janurary 2018











Democratic Development for Thriving Communities

*Article on the establishment of a $14 million fund for power building strategies to address gentrification and displacement*

Martha Matsuoka and the California Funders Working Group on Gentrifiation and Displacement | Fall 2017










Power, Place and Public Health
Martha Matsuoka, Jennifer Lucky, Alex Desautels, Craig Martinez and Tia Leagnaver | June 2017











School Food Champions, Organizing for Change


Elizabeth Medrano 2016 










Port of Call: on becoming China's entrepôt
Robert Gottlieb | Spring 2015
from Boom: A Journal of California






Democratizing Planning: How Communities Are Raising Their Voices to Transform the I-710 Corridor Project
Martha Matsuoka | October 2014












Global Trade Impacts: Addressing the Health, Social and Environmental Consequences of Moving International Freight through Our Communities
Martha Matsuoka, Andrea Hricko, Robert Gottlieb, Juan DeLara | March 2011











 Los Angeles Fresh Food Access Guide

 Elizabeth Bartlett, Sharon Cech, Jessica Cowley, Robert Gottlieb, Victor Hernandez, Elizabeth Medrano, Zoe Phillips, Rosa Romero, and Yelena Zeltser | 2013












The Transformation of the School Food Environment in Los Angeles: The Link Between Grassroots Organizing and Policy Development and Implementation

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