Two MSI participants

Everyone is a success story.

“MSI was a transformative experience that gave me the jumpstart I needed to become a student leader. The program was crucial to my academic success and helped me to build strong relationships with other student leaders on campus."
-Edith Zamora

“MSI was an intellectually stimulating and extremely challenging program. It provided me with a solid foundation and gave me a head start going into Freshman year. I gained a familiarity with Los Angeles and Occidental’s campus that other incoming students did not have. The students in the program formed a close-knit community which allowed me to have a higher level of social comfort and confidence. The most important piece of MSI for me was the co-curricular discussions about social identities and social justice issues. My experience at MSI reaffirmed my passion for social justice and provided me with allies and support systems that are still with me today."
-Qiu Fogarty

"Through MSI I have become an enlightened individual, and have made friends that will last for years."
-Daniel Perez

"MSI assimilated me in the college culture through the rigorous course load and character building ERSJs."
-Angelica Preciado

"It was because of MSI I have made friendships that will last forever."
-Jesus Flores

"MSI is a program that I glad to have participated in as it provided me with an academic and social experience that positively changed my college experience"
-Kathleen McKenzie

"MSI has been a great experience for me. It definitely challenged me and prepared me well for college. It is a summer I will never forget."
-Winnie Bee

"By participating in MSI, I not only got head start in college, but I was also able to meet many great people. I felt prepared to accept the diversity of cultures that Oxy students have. It is one of the great programs that Oxy has to offer and the most helpful I have participated in."
-Carlos Razo

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