Peer Language Advising

Covid-19 response: Language Advising sessions will be offered online. Drop-in hours will be offered during exam week for some languages. Find the schedule and links to join drop-in hours below.


Language Advisers (LAs) is a group of Occidental College undergraduate students and Visiting Language Assistants who work closely with Oxy students pursuing the study of language.

LAs can help you:

  • Practice verbal language skills;
  • Practice pronunciation;
  • Discuss readings for better comprehension;
  • Discuss cultural, social or political issues relevant to the language of study;
  • Find and view current language materials in social media and other sources;
  • Work on particular weaknesses by reviewing quizzes and exams;
  • Prepare for cultural events, karaoke performances, and open mics.

Drop-in Hours

Contact if you are located outside the Pacific timezone and need help outside of these hours.


Andrew Leffer

Tuesday, May 5th, 4-6pm

Join Andrew's virtual drop-in hours.


Nancy Zhou

Tuesday, May 5.       8-9pm PDT. 

Wednesday, May 6.  8-9pm PDT.

Thursday, May 7 .    8-9pm PDT.

Join Nancy's virtual drop-in hours.


Maurine Fournage

Friday, May 1st. 10:30-12:30pm 

Monday, May 4th. 10:30-11:30am

Join Maurine's virtual drop-in hours.






Noah Yee Yick


Join Noah's virtual drop-in hours.

Carmen Salgado

Tuesday, May 5th. 10-11am

Wednesday, May 6th. 12-1pm

Thursday, May 7th. 10-11am

Join Carmen's virtual drop-in hours.

Pilar Mora

Monday, May 4th. 10-11am.

Tuesday, May 5th. 12-1pm.

Wednesday, May 6th. 10-11am.

Join Pilar's virtual drop-in hours.




Anne Warum


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*This page was last updated on March 24, 2020.