Are you interested in a career related to human biology?

The following biology courses include human-related content and will likely be accepted as pre-reqs and electives for health-related programs, such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and health policy/management.

BIO 130 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology

BIO 221 Molecular Biology

BIO 224 Genetic Analysis

BIO 226 Cell Biology

BIO 240 Vertebrate Physiology

BIO 320 Developmental Biology

BIO 322 Principles of Biochemistry

BIO 325 Microbial Diversity

BIO 330 Immunology

BIO 333 Neurobiology

BIO 336 Microbial Pathogenesis

BIO 340 Sensory Biology and Neurophysiology

BIO 345 Virology

BIO 349 Biochemistry I

BIO 390 Special Topics in Biology (depending on the topic)

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