Biology Seminar: Dr. Joan Dudney

Dr. Joan Dudney in front of mountains and trees


The Fall 2021 Biology Seminar Series concludes with a talk from Dr. Joan Dudney, "The dangerous appeal of simple stories in an era of rapid environmental change." The seminar is on Tuesday, November 16th, at 12:00pm.

I am currently an independent postdoctoral fellow at UC Santa Barbara. I recently finished my Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Davis and received my PhD from the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley in May 2019. Broadly, I study global change impacts in terrestrial plant communities. I combine novel methodological approaches with long-term observational and experimental data to disentangle the complex, interacting, and often nonlinear relationships between plant communities and global change drivers, including pests, pathogens, drought, and fire.

I spent much of my youth climbing trees and chasing racer snakes in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. My passion for the outdoors has led me to some of the most remote places in the lower 48, and has inspired a life-long commitment to ecosystem science and stewardship.

My research is grounded both by my personal experiences and the challenges we face in an era of unprecedented socio-ecological changes. It is up to us to explore, discover, and improve our treatment of each other and this incredible earth.

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