Biology Seminar: Dr. Rodrigo A. Medellín

Dr. Rodrigo A. Medellín holding a bat

The Spring 2021 Biology Seminar Series continues with a talk from Dr. Rodrigo A. Medellín, "How to do mammal conservation science, implement it, and not die trying." The seminar is on Tuesday, March 23rd, at 12:00pm PDT.

Dr. Rodrigo A. Medellín is a Mexican ecologist and academic known for his work in the field of mammal ecology and conservation. He has worked with bats, jaguars, bighorn sheep, and ocelot, among others. He works at the Instituto de Ecología at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has received many prestigious appointments and awards for his work in mammal conservation. In 2014 he was the subject of a BBC documentary film titled Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico. He is the seventh Explorer-At-Large of the National Geographic Society.  

Read more about the work of Dr. Medellín and his lab here.

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