A part of Occidental’s endowment, the Blyth Fund is a premier six-figure, student-managed investment portfolio. The Blyth Fund offers students hands-on experience in investment management and broadens interest in finance among Oxy students.

The Fund was initially established in 1977 with a gift from Richard Link, and named in honor of legendary banker Charles Blyth. Blyth Funds were also initially created at Stanford and Caltech, but only Stanford's remains active today.

Our Fund is wholly student managed. We choose a 14-person board each spring, study the stock market and maintain a portfolio. We buy and sell as we see fit. Throughout its history, the Blyth Fund has maintained two primary goals:

1. Asset Preservation
2. Education

We strongly believe that success in investing is not a product of pure business knowledge, but of intelligence and diversity of experience combined with an innate desire to learn. Directors major in a wide variety of fields, including science, politics, economics, diplomacy, mathematics, and many others. We seek to leverage our abilities as intelligent and diverse students in order to identify investment opportunities and differentiate ourselves from most investors. Equally important, all investment opportunities are analyzed from different angles, utilizing our wide array of unique skill sets.

Please contact blythfund@oxy.edu for more information or to get involved.

Alumnus Chris Coker '95

 “Getting real-world exposure to economic decision making and the fundamental questions that capitalist decision makers confront daily was a tremendous experience.”

Chris Coker ’95
Blyth Fund alumnus
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