Student Involvement

Oxy economics students

There are many ways to get involved with economics outside the classroom.

  • Economics Student Association (ESA): The ESA aims to improve the student experience in the economics department. We seek to bridge gaps between students, faculty, and alumni of the economics department through a variety of events.
  • Women of Economics: This club brings together women interested or majoring in economics. We want to enhance cohesion among students in the major, provide a clear way for underclassmen to receive support and advice from upperclassmen, and work to close the gap between women who take entry-level economics classes and women who major in economics. We currently have a mentorship program in which we pair upper/underclassmen and meet monthly as a group.
  • Blyth Fund: The Blyth Fund is a premier six-figure, student-managed investment portfolio. It offers students hands-on experience in investment management and broadens interest in finance among some of Oxy’s most promising of students.
  • Occidental Consulting Group: The Occidental Consulting Group strives to improve the local Los Angeles community by providing pro-bono management consulting services to businesses and non-profit organizations. Consultants work closely with one another and with clients, allowing students to apply and expand the intellectual capital they garner in classrooms to real-world issues.
  • J-Term/Oxypreneurship: We develop exciting events on campus that increase student engagement and inspire students towards entrepreneurship.
  • Oxy Microfinance Club: Oxy Microfinance Club is a service club with the mission of helping entrepreneurs around the world generate steady income by making small loans to support their growth. 
  • Impact Fund: The Occidental Impact Fund is a group of students striving to better the world by providing loans to sustainable entrepreneurs in developing countries.