Latino/a & Latin American Studies

Latino/a and Latin American Studies gives you a transnational perspective on the societies and cultures of Latin America and on Latino/a and Chicano/a communities in the United States.

The LLAS program at Oxy seeks to cultivate a critical understanding of the societies and cultures of Latin America and the experience of Latina/o communities in the United States. Your classes will engage you with a variety of disciplinary perspectives on the socio-political complexities and cultural traditions of the Americas, as well as the historical development of regional societies and cultures.

The program extends the study of “Latin America” beyond the geo-political borders of the region to include the Caribbean and the U.S., emphasizing the importance of migrations, interethnic interactions, and cultural exchanges of indigenous, European, African, and Asian peoples throughout the Americas. The transnational perspective of our curriculum distinguishes the LLAS major from more traditional area studies programs.

As a major, you’ll develop proficiency in Spanish and take courses from a broad range of academic disciplines and departments. You’ll be encouraged to participate in study abroad programs in Latin America or Spain and pursue summer programs like Richter Research Abroad. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Oxy’s location in Los Angeles by taking part in community-based learning and cultural activities within local Latino/a and Latin American communities. The department also hosts a yearly LLAS Speaker and Event Series.

The LLAS program prepares you for graduate school as well as for a variety of career paths, including government and other public service, education, community organizing, public history museums and cultural centers, law, business and social work.

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Trainer, Posse Foundation Los Angeles

Class of 2015

Program coordinator, Ipas; Fulbright research, Argentina

Class of 2014

Strategic Partnerships, Waymo tech company

Class of 2014

MD, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School

Class of 2014

Digital Project Manager, Stones' Phones

Class of 2015

Founder, Nutrition for Good

Class of 2015
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