Knowing this was a 14-hour boat trip we expected plenty of down time. On our way we collected two bottom trawls off the coast of Malibu around Point Dume—much more diverse and bountiful than we expected. We identified, measured, weighed and preserved over twenty species of fish that numbered in the thousands and 16 different species of invertebrates totaling a few hundred organisms. We were busy working from 10:00am to 4:30pm and were very happy to have a huge, hot dinner waiting for us prepared by our own chef from Oxy. We finally arrived at the port and were very thankful to have some downtime and catch a beautiful sunset. Cant wait for what tomorrow has in store for us!

















Now enjoy some Haikus about the day…

Gear prepped, ready to work
What will the trawls hold?
-Dana Michels '16

Slowly and surely
The Yellowfin chugs along
In port, no worries
-Sam Akiyama '15

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