Meet the Marine Biology Faculty

Regular Faculty
Shana Goffredi headshot

Shana Goffredi

Professor, Biology
(323) 259-1470

Shana Goffredi’s research interests concern beneficial symbiotic partnerships between bacteria and invertebrates. Read her Oxy Story profile.

Dan Pondella

Daniel Pondella

Professor, Biology; Director, Vantuna Research Group
(323) 259-2955

Dan Pondella teaches the biology of marine fishes, biodiversity of marine ecosystems, and biological oceanography.

Professor Joseph Schulz

Joseph Schulz

Professor, Biology
(323) 259-1408

Joseph Schulz teaches zoology, biochemistry, and vertebrate physiology. His research focuses on the activity and evolution of venom peptides in fish-hunting cone snails.

Amber Stubler

Amber Stubler

Assistant Professor, Biology
(323) 341-4125

Amber Stubler teaches Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography.