This trip truly flew by, and today especially. We finished three trawls by 11:00am (go team!), despite being again flooded with fish. We did have a very exciting first trawl with the catch of a three foot long California torpedo ray. Charged with electricity, these guys have the capacity to knock a man unconscious. Not many new fish species were caught, but we did have a huge abundance of lizard fish, yellow-chin sculpins, and pipefish on the last trawl. New inverts included HUGE short spine sea stars, decorator crabs, pregnant slender crabs (get those guys some Preggie Pops!) and a sea mouse polychaete. We’re currently all just lounging around, waiting to get back to port so we can give the Yellowfin the deep clean it deserves.

Thanks so much for following our journey! Hope you all enjoyed reading about our adventure as much as we loved having it. Interested in learning more about what the VRG does? Click here.

-Morgan Winston '14, Adrienne Mikovari '14, and Ryan Stokes '14






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