Regular Faculty

Professor Andrew Shtulman

Andrew Shtulman, Chair

Professor, Cognitive Science; Psychology
B.A., Princeton University; Ph.D., Harvard University
Andrew Shtulman is a cognitive developmental psychologist who studies conceptual development and conceptual change, particularly as they relate to science education.
Professor Patricia Cabral

Patricia Cabral

Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., M.A., Cal State Northridge; Ph.D., UC Merced
Patricia Cabral’s research interests are centered on health-risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults, and how they contribute to differences in health outcomes across racial/ethnic groups. Read her Oxy Story profile.
Professor Nancy Dess

Nancy Dess

Professor, Psychology; Advisory Committee, Neuroscience
B.A., UCLA Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Nancy Dess' work is rooted in the ancient underpinnings of mammalian behavior.
Professor Andrea Hopmeyer

Andrea Hopmeyer

Professor, Psychology
B.A., Clark University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
In addition to teaching departmental core courses, Andrea Hopmeyer teaches courses that explore how individuals grow and change across the lifespan and the growing pains that accompany those changes.
Professor Brian Kim

Brian Kim

Associate Professor, Psychology
B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University
Dr. Kim studies issues affecting people's performance in the workplace
Professor Lynn Mehl

Lynn Mehl

Professor, Kinesiology and Psychology
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Southern California
Lynn Mehl has a joint appointment in the Kinesiology and Psychology Departments.

Jaclyn Rodríguez

Professor, Latino/a and Latin American Studies
A.B., Occidental College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan
Dr. Rodríguez teaches Social Psychology, Theories of Personality, Chican@s in U.S. Society, Sociopolitics of Race, Visions of Love and Community, & Intergroup Relations

On Special Appointment

Lucas Carden

Non- Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., University of Kentucky, M.S., P.h.D., USC
Clinton Dale Chapman

Clinton Dale Chapman

Non-Tenure Track Associate Professor, Psychology
B.S., M.S., Montana State University; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Clinton Dale Chapman teaches courses in Psychological Methods, Psychological Statistics, Learning Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Physiological Psychology, and Psychology Research.
Prof. Tracy Ewing

Tracy Ewing

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., California State University, Northridge, M.A., P.h.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Andrew V. Frane

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., California State University, Los Angeles; M.A., Cal State Los Angeles, P.h.D., UCLA

Doug Wilson

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Psychology
B.A., University of Georgia; M.A., University of Santa Monica; Ph.D., Pacifica Graduate Insitute