Our Research

Faculty in psychology seek to advance knowledge in their field while engaging students in the process.

The photograph above offers a humorous look at the long tradition of psychological research at Oxy. Prof. Luther Jennings, left, and David Cole of Occidental College's psychology department, give Bonzo, movie chimpanzee, mental test for 5-year-old child. Bonzo didn’t do well at that but proved "brilliant" in his various stunts. The faculty have training in a variety of fields within and beyond psychology and conduct research on a wide range of topics, from specific biological mechanisms to interventions aimed at reducing discrimination in higher education and the workplace. They seek to advance knowledge within their field, while engaging students in the process. All psychology majors complete basic coursework in research methods and statistics, and have the opportunity to participate in empirical work. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to assist faculty as researchers (Psyc 395/395A) and to develop their own independent study projects (Psyc 397, 497, or 499).