The Institute for the Study of Los Angeles (ISLA) is offering approximately sixteen modest research grants every semester to students who are working on a significant project pertaining to greater Los Angeles.

What counts as pertaining to L.A.? Quite a lot: projects focused on or incorporating fieldwork, publications, archival sources, resident surveys, politics, the environment. We want to particularly promote work on our own area of Northeast LA, but any topic touching on Southern California is appropriate. Projects in any academic field or discipline are eligible. Senior Comprehensive projects will receive priority for funding, but significant advanced class-based research projects are also eligible (if you are in doubt about eligibility, just ask us:

The grants will range from about $100 to $250, depending on your project and the overall need.

The Fall 2020 application deadline for priority consideration will end Friday, October 2th 2020

Information required for your grant application:
  • A brief (around 100 words) description of your project.
  • A description of how you plan to spend the money. You can simply list the top few (up to five or so) anticipated expense items along with a rough estimate of what they are likely to cost. ($250 maximum) Note: think in advance about how best to use the money you are requesting. Transportation to an archive would be appropriate, as would printing/photocopying research or survey materials, but funding for lunch during a research trip would not be as attractive on your application.
  • Finally, include the name and e-mail address of your Oxy faculty advisor for the project (Comps advisor, course professor, etc.), as they may well be asked to endorse your application.

Apply for this grant

Be sure that you are signed into your Oxy email account before applying.

Contact Institute for the Study of Los Angeles
Occidental College
Rory Hayes
Coordinator of Community Programs (CCBL and OXY ARTS)