From over 40 applications, ten COSMOS Scholars were chosen on the basis of their promise, enthusiasm, and dedication to science. They represent seven different majors, and several states in the U.S. Their favorite activity? Problem-solving.


Abigail Anderson

Hometown: Oak Park, CA
Intended Major: Undecided
Why I do Science: “I like science because it is a subject that never stops, no one will ever know everything about it. As our understanding of how the world and universe work around us deepens, we realize that there is even more we don't understand.”



Alyanna McGrath

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Intended Major: Computer Science
Why I do Science: “My mom, an engineer, inspired me tremendously, and I found my calling in creative problem solving within computer science.”





Ava Quezada

Hometown: La Habra, CA
Intended Major: Biochemistry
Why I do Science: “I chose science because I’d like to understand how the world functions and eventually make my own scientific contributions.”




Ayva Solo

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Intended Major: Geology
Why I do Science: “I do science because I love learning about the way things work, and it’s really fun!”





Brian Cuellar

Hometown: West Los Angeles, CA
Intended Major: Computer Science
Why I do Science: “I do science because it offers creativity and furthers my problem-solving skills!"




Carly Venenciano

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Intended Major: Math
Why I do Science: “I do science/math because I love puzzles and problem-solving!”





Dylan Abramyan

Hometown: Sylmar, CA
Intended Major: Biology 
Why I do Science: “I’m interested in exploring the frontier of human knowledge and finding ways to use that information to improve the quality of life for people.”



Jessie Salinas

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Intended Major: Geology 
Why I do Science: “I love immersing myself into the outdoor world. Whenever I study science I feel like I'm connected to nature whether I'm studying fossils in a lab or mapping the topography of a forest!”




Makayla Iliscupidez

Hometown: Fontana, CA
Intended Major: Undecided 
Why I do Science: “Science gives me the opportunity to challenge myself and connect what I learn to everyday experiences and environments. Working through new science concepts and then being able to recognize how these topics play out and apply to real world situations gives me an incomparable sense of fulfillment.”


Noah Smith

Hometown: Eaton, PA
Intended Major: Physics or Math 
Why I do Science: “ I do science because the way the universe works, both on very profound and simple scales, is fascinating to me, and I want to contribute to our understanding of it as best I can.”


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