Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarships fund one or two years of graduate study in the UK for high-achieving US students.

2022-2023 Deadlines:

Intent to Apply Deadline: April 11, 2022

Preliminary Application: May 30, 2022

Revised Application due to Oxy Committee: August 22, 2022

National Deadline: September 20, 2022


Marshall Scholarships fund one or two years of graduate study in the UK for high-achieving US students who demonstrate the potential to be leaders in their fields. The scholarship is funded by the UK government and is meant to foster connections between the UK and US.

Watch our recorded info session introducing this award and other graduate study fellowships here

When choosing UK graduate programs, you may wish to consult the 2021 Research Excellence Framework rankings.


In order to apply, a candidate must:

- be a U.S. citizen

- hold a bachelor's degree by September 2023

- have a minimum 3.7 GPA

- have graduated from their first undergraduate program after April 2020

Oxy Application Process:

1. By April 11: Complete the Intent to Apply Google form. (It may help to consult Study UK's postgraduate search tools while completing this form.) You will then meet one-on-one with the Director of National and International Fellowships to discuss your application plans. 

2. By May 30: Complete a draft of all four Marshall essays and email them as a Word doc or Google doc to

3.  June-August: Attend group revision workshops and one-on-one meetings with the Fellowships Director to revise your application. Applicants are expected to revise their drafts multiple times. Order a transcript through the Transcript Request for Oxy Fellowships, making sure you indicate that you would like the transcript emailed to yourself so you can save the PDF. Please send this document to your recommendation writers to help them prepare for our August 22nd deadline.

4. By August 22 at 11:59pm: complete a draft of your Marshall application through the Marshall website and hit "submit" to send it to Oxy reviewers. Email your official transcript to Please ask your recommenders to email their letters directly to by August 22nd. When asked on Marshall's site to submit names of recommenders, please use Jennifer Locke (email as a placeholder for all three slots. (We will ask your recommenders to submit their letters to Marshall's site only if/when the campus committee decides to endorse your application.) Finally, you must also complete this waiver form to be considered for Oxy nomination. 

5. Early September: Participate in the campus nomination process, which may involve an interview.

6. Mid to late September: If nominated by the college, work to revise and submit your application by the national deadline.