Fellowships, scholarships, and national awards provide unique opportunities for you as an undergraduate of Occidental College. 

These fellowships are designed to cultivate your academic, professional and personal development. They provide funding so that you can explore different intellectually enriching experiences, whether it is studying abroad, attending graduate school, teaching or participating in a fellowship.

As an Oxy student or alum, you have access to several resources that will help you explore and understand the vast array of fellowship opportunities. The Office of National and International Fellowships hopes you will use this website along with the available resources in our office located in the Hameetman Career Center to explore and finally apply to these prestigious awards. As you browse the website, consider what your personal goals are. Have you been studying a language and want to study in the country post-graduation? Are you interested in an internship for public service? Do you have plans to attend graduate school? By knowing what you want, you can already begin to narrow your search and begin to construct the most competitive application possible.

We encourage you to begin this exploration early. Unique fellowship opportunities are available. We strongly urge you to visit the Office of National and International Fellowships in the Hameetman Career Center. Good luck!

Contact National & International Fellowships
Hameetman Career Center

AGC First Floor
1600 Campus Road M-12
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