The lists on these pages point to funding opportunities that may be a good fit for Oxy students and alumni. Consider consulting them as part of your fellowships search process!

General opportunities:

Oxy Fellowships Directory: a growing list of opportunities that may appeal to Oxy students and alumni. You can sort the Sheet to see quickly the year you can apply (e.g., awards for sophomores) as well as which ones require U.S. citizenship. Please visit the awards' websites for the most up-to-date information.

Arizona State University's Scholarship Database: a list of awards searchable by interest area, candidate profile, and eligibility 

UCLA GRAPES: searchable database of funding for graduate school and study abroad, searchable by discipline and citizenship

Swarthmore’s List of Summer Research Grants: list of summer opportunities in health-related fields such as research, clinical science, public health, dental medicine, and veterinary science

STEM opportunities:

Oxy STEM Fellowships Directory: a directory of awards that may appeal to STEM majors

Pathways to Science: searchable directory of STEM awards, including summer opportunities and graduate school scholarships

Pathways to Science Summer Research Opportunities: a database of fully-funded summer research programs in STEM

Study abroad opportunities:

Study UK: a database of funding for study in the UK

Education in Ireland Scholarships: list of scholarships for studying in Ireland

Teaching opportunities:

Oberlin's list of teaching fellowships: a list of post-grad fellowships for those preparing to be teachers or who want to gain teaching experience

Opportunities to teach abroad: a directory of undergrad through post-grad opportunities for students and alumni to teach English abroad, earn certificates and graduate degrees. 

Opportunities that do not require U.S. citizenship:

Immigrants Rising resources: lists of scholarships and fellowships that do not require proof of citizenship or residency 

International Student Organization Scholarship Opportunities: list of scholarships and fellowships available to international students

Scholars for Development: list of scholarships for students from developing countries and/or who are interested in development studies

International Education Financial Aid: an extensive database of scholarships for international students

Scholars4Dev scholarships for international students: listing of international scholarships that are open to students from all countries

Additional lists:

FSU's list of scholarships and fellowships for LGBTQ+ applicants: an alphabetical list

Law School Scholarship Databank: a list of over 800 scholarship opportunities for those applying to law school

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