Even in the pursuit of a law degree, you will receive an interdisciplinary education. Oxy offers many law/law-related courses across a variety of disciplines.

AMST 130 Dis/ability Theory

AMST/EASN 272 Asian Immigrants in American Society

CTSJ 201 Environmental Injustice: Race, Poverty, and The Law

CTSJ 212 Conquest by Law: US Imperialism and Slavery

CTSJ 214 Legal Tools for Social Change

CTSJ 219 Triumphs and Tribulations of Title IX

CTSJ 220 Intersectionality: Mapping Social Injustice in the United States

CTSJ 221 Inequity and the Law

CTSJ 250 Resistance Movements and the Law

CTSJ 271 Property

CTSJ 398 Social Justice Practicum

DWA 225 Introduction to Human Rights

DWA 229 Introduction to Human Rights: Focus on the Americas

DWA 230 Gender and International Human Rights

DWA 238 Identity and Citizenship: The South Asian Diaspora

DWA 240 Human Rights in Colombia: Comparative Perspectives

DWA 243 Law, War Crimes, and Transnational Politics

DWA 258 The Global Politics of LGBTQ+ Rights

DWA 340 Junior Seminar: Contemporary Issues in International and Human Rights Law

ECON 319 Law and Economics

ECON 328 Economics of Race and Gender

ECON 329 Family, Neighborhood, and Intergenerational Inequality

EDUC 207 Conflict In Education

EDUC 219 Educational Inequality

EDUC 220 The School-to-Prison Pipeline

EDUC 320 Critical Race Theory in Education

LLAS 210/SOC 210 The Struggle for Human Rights in Mexico

LLAS 259/HIST 259 Health on the Move: Immigrant and Refugee Resilience

PHIL 330 Law and Morality

POLS 140 Law and Society

POLS 243 Restorative Justice

POLS 244 Constitutional Law

POLS 245 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

POLS 246 & 248  Moot Court I & II

POLS 247 Supreme Court Politics

POLS 249 Movement Lawyering, Politics, and Social Change

POLS 260 & POLS 340 Community Law Internship & Lawyering for Social Justice

POLS 341 Justice Lab: Contemporary Issues in Law and Public Policy

SOC 245 Social Class and Inequality in American Society

SOC 250 Race and Ethnicity in American Society

SOC 265 Gender and Society

SOC 281 Criminology

SOC 323 Sociology of Law

SOC 326 Punishment

SOC 330 Political Sociology

SOC 361 Sociology of Whiteness


UEP 210 Transportation History and Policy

UEP 214 The State of Public Education: The Politics of Access and Equity in Los Angeles

UEP 230 Climate Justice: Theory and Practice

UEP 300 Environmental Law and Policy

UEP 302 Housing Problems and Policy

UEP 310 Community Organizing and Leadership

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