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March 31, 2023 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Join on Zoom for a panel discussion on women composers, featuring Kay Rhie, Dara Taylor, and Nina Young, moderated by Oxy Music faculty Celka Ojakangas. Click the link below to attend the presentation...
April 1 - April 2, 2023 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Join us for the the first weekend of Music's Senior Comps, featuring production students. All comps will take place in Booth 204.
April 14 - April 16, 2023 | 5:00pm - 2:45pm
Join us for the second weekend of Music Senior Comps!
April 16, 2023 | 4:00pm
Join us for the annual Glee Club Pops Concert! Live in Herrick Chapel and broadcast on YouTube.
April 21, 2023 | 7:30pm
Join us for the Spring Chamber Music Concert! Live from Bird Studio and broadcast on YouTube.
Location: Bird Studio
April 22, 2023 | 2:00pm
Join us for a set of recitals performed by the Music Department's Juniors!
Location: Bird Studio
April 23, 2023 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Join us at Oxy Arts for a showcase of the Music Department's Seniors!
April 25, 2023 | 7:30pm
Join us for the Spring 2023 Afro-Cuban Drumming Concert! Live from Booth Courtyard and broadcast on YouTube.