Event Planning Resources

For Oxy community members who are planning an event on campus, this page is your gateway to success.

Student Event Planning

Start here with the Student Life event planning process. Your assigned PA will request your campus space.

Faculty and Staff Event Planning

Step 1: Request Space

Select potential venue(s) that are suitable for the scope of your event. Campus spaces fill up quickly, so it is wise to have more than one possible location in mind. Place your space request well in advance through Resource25, Oxy's on-line space management system. You must be a registered user of the system. Contact mastercalendar@oxy.edu to sign up. 

Helpful tips:

  • Request your space with start and end times that will allow for set-up and clean-up of your event
  • The automatic e-mail response you receive only confirms that your request was received and is awaiting processing. You must check R25 at a later time for a confirmation of your space assignment
  • Do not assume that you don't have to reserve a space because it usually goes unused, or because it is in the same building as your office 
  • Food (from inside or outside Oxy) is not permitted in some locations
Step 2: Assess Your Needs/Submit your Event Services Request

No later than 10 business days before your event, submit your event services request. This form notifies campus service providers that your event is happening, and schedules everything from audio visual,  HVAC, delivery of tables & chairs, card key access, catering orders, parking, and more. NOTE: If your space has not yet been confirmed by Master Calendar you should still submit an Events Services Request - changes are accepted up to 48 hours before your equipment delivery time. 

The Event Services Request takes you step-by-step, but you may want to familiarize yourself with resources and policies in advance:

  1. The Facilities Management Department provides a variety of event planning support services
  2. If your event requires a set-up outside of the normal arrangement of furniture in your space an approved site plan must be submitted
  3. Do you need catering services?
  4. Do you plan to use any outside vendors? All companies doing business on campus must be approved in advance - check out Oxy's preferred vendors list
  5. Do you plan to serve outside food that you will bring onto campus? Safe food handling practices must be followed
  6. Will you be serving alcohol? All alcohol service must be provided by Campus Dining
  7. Do you have outside guests who will require parking? Parking areas may be requested and reserved through the Master Calendar
  8. Are any of your participants minor children? Oxy's Policy Governing Conduct with Minors must be followed. 
  9. If you are participating in an event such as Hand-Made Oxy where you will be making and selling food, you may be required to obtain a Cottage Food Operation License.
Step 3: Consider Attending a Campus Events Advisory Committee Meeting

The weekly CEAC meeting puts representatives from all the service-providing departments in the same room, to help you quickly navigate the event process. You may request a 15-minute appointment with CEAC, or you may be requested to attend, based on the nature of your event. 

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