Occidental's donors want to hear from the students they so generously support. Therefore, you may be asked to write a thank you letter for a scholarship you received.

On your first aid offer letter or during the academic year, the College may notify you that your need-based grant comes from a specific donor. This does not mean you have been awarded additional grant funds, but that a specific donor has made the need-based grant you have already received possible.

Thank you letters help to ensure that donors continue to provide grant support to Occidental students. Many donors have increased their contributions after learning their gifts had a positive impact on the lives of others. With each thank you letter, we have the opportunity to improve Occidental’s grant funds and financially support our students.

If you are awarded an institutional donor funded grant, you may be asked to thank the person or organization that provided your support by writing a thank you letter. We have provided helpful tips about writing thank you letters* to assist you with this process.

Because of the importance attached to these acknowledgements, a hold will be placed on the disbursement of your grant until we receive your thank you letter. If your thank you letter is not received in a timely manner, your grant may be cancelled.

*You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you may download for free, to read or print this .pdf document.

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