Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy


New tenure-track scholars joining the Oxy faculty this fall. New additions include associate professor Brandon Browne (geology) and assistant professors Alexander Day (history), Mary Johnson (Spanish and French literary studies), Krystale Littlejohn '07 (sociology), and Jennifer Piscopo (politics).


Percentage of "real food"—food from local/community-based, ecologically sound and humane sources—purchased by Occidental's Dining Services in the 2012-2013 academic year, a threefold increase in the last three years. Oxy surpassed its Real Food Challenge goal of 20 percent as the Marketplace, Tiger Cooler, Coffee Cart, and Green Bean all embraced the concept. By 2020, it plans to have 40 percent real food.


Amount of a grant from the Kathryn Caine Wanlass Charitable Foundation to fund visiting artists at Oxy and provide tools and equipment for Mullin Sculpture Studio over the next two years. Textile artist and fashion designer Liz Collins' Knitting Nation project made its West Coast debut November 6 at Oxy as part of Collins' two-week stay as the College's first Wanlass Artist-in-Residence.


Consecutive victories of Occidental's football team over Pomona-Pitzer. The Tigers' 13-7 road win over the Sagehens on November 2 extends the longest winning streak by either squad in the rivalry's 115-game history, ensuring that the treasured Drum trophy will remain in Eagle Rock for at least another year.