Maurissa Explains It All

From singing in a Motown girl group to writing banter for Britney Spears, Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon '97 knows the fringes of the pop-culture circuit. With TV's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," she...
Day of the Dead
Having survived her share of video corpses, Angela Kang '98 finds her footing as a writer/producer on TV's hottest series, AMC's "The Walking Dead"
From Here to Infinity

Richard Andrews '71 connects visionary artists such as James Turrell—a Pomona graduate—with the means to make transformative art a reality
Oxy's Elite Eight

A closer look at the eight Oxy greats—four living, four deceased—who were inducted into the 2013 Athletics Hall of Fame
One-Hit Wonder
When the 1963 Oxy baseball team took the field against intercity rival USC, a casual fan would have predicted a Trojan blowout. But Coach Grant Dunlap '46 had a not-so-secret weapon on the...
David Wigglesworth '50 M'53 and Keegan McChesney '16 forge an unlikely friendship in Seattle—thanks to a decal

Remembering former trustee Dave Roberson '63 and tradebook buyer Dennis Johnson
Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy
Notable and Quotable

Words worth repeating from Convocation speaker Charles Fishman, education reform critic Diane Ravitch, and professors Martha Ronk and Stuart Rugg
Prosthetics specialist Stefan Knauss '88 aids Diana Nyad's epic swim; documentary filmmaker Marcel Ophuls comes in under two hours; and more
Words Into Action

As a national conversation emerges, Oxy refines its approach to sexual misconduct with new policies, resources, and programs
Space Odysseys

With bold colors, reimagined interiors, and 21st-century technology, Johnson Hall and Johnson Student Center reopen to new possibilities

Terry Kitchen '81 revisits Boston's underground music scene looking for the Next Big Thing
Mixed Media

Paul Clark Newell Jr. '58's ties to eccentric heiress Huguette Clark fuel a New York Times best-seller
Readers' notes on Beatrix Farrand, History of Civilization, and the legacy of The Bucket
Good Job Hunting
The search for the right profession can take students down many paths. Oxy's Career Development Center is making that task a little easier by expanding its offerings as it prepares to...