This page provides a brief description of the College's Contracts Policy and how the Office of the General Counsel can assist with contract review. For more information please visit the Contracts Policy page.

Summary of Contracts Policy Requirements: 

  • The College requires a written contract for any activities that: (1) commit the College to receive or spend certain funds, (2) commit the College to purchase or provide goods or services, or (3) otherwise involve the use by third parties of College resources (including staff, faculty, and student time) or facilities. 
  • Only Designated and Delegated Agents (those who have affirmatively been given Signing Authority) may sign contracts on behalf of the College. 
  • If you or your department would like to engage an individual or business to provide services to the College, you must complete the Independent Contractor Process as described in the Contracts Policy.  
  • Honorariums (nominal one-time payments given gratuitously) are subject to specific rules.
  • All fully executed contracts must be submitted to the Business Office (

Legal Review: The Office of the General Counsel can assist with reviewing and negotiating contracts.  The College offers contract Templates for the most frequent types of business transactions. These templates have been approved by legal counsel and can be used without consultation.  Unique contracting situations involving irregular terms or particular risks should be referred to the College's Assistant General Counsel for review.

If you have questions about the Contracts Policy, please contact the Assistant General Counsel.

Office of the General Counsel

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