Contracts Policy and Guidelines

Entering into contracts on behalf of the College involves exposure of the College’s resources and reputation and may implicate the rights and safety of the College community. This policy is designed to protect against such exposure, ensure accountability, and clarify the process for initiating and approving contracts. Contracts entered into on behalf of the College must be reviewed and approved by authorized College personnel (see Signing Authority ), to ensure compliance with this Contract Policy.

Individuals may only enter into agreements committing Occidental to the expenditure of funds or other resources where such expenditure is reasonable, necessary, and applicable to the work of the College (including instruction, research, and service); consistent with College policies and practices; and consistent with any applicable grantor and donor requirements. In addition, all contracts must contain certain provisions and exclude others, as detailed in this policy. Signatories and individuals initiating contracts are responsible for reviewing this policy and understanding their obligations before finalizing any contract.

  1. General Contract Guidelines
  2. Contract Templates
  3. Signing Authority
  4. Responsibilities of Signatory
  5. Independent Contractor Agreements
  6. Honorariums