Occidental College respects the privacy rights created and protected by state and federal law

We collect, retain and use information about individual members of Occidental College's community only where required by law, regulation or when we reasonably believe it is useful and allowed by law in order to administer our business and to provide services Access to the College's information systems and data is limited to those employees who have a demonstrated need for access based on their job duties. We do not reveal personally identifiable data related to the identification card to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use with the exception of instances outlined in the OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE IDENTIFICATION CARD INFORMATION DISCLOSURE POLICY (available in the Card Office). Disclosure to Occidental College's community is permitted if the personal information disclosed is relevant and necessary in the ordinary course of official duties and is related to the purpose for which the information was acquired. Originals and copies of photos and information collected and stored in Occidental College's Identification Card information system are currently accessible, used and/or maintained by the following: 

  1. Campus Card Office, for the purpose of card production, account and transaction access and general identification.
  2. Campus Safety, for the purpose of general identification, verification and College-related investigation.
  3. Human Resources, for the purpose of employee record administration, employment regulation, general identification.
  4. The Dean of Students office, for the purpose of student record administration, verification and general identification.
  5. Information Technology Services for the purpose of database security and maintenance.
  6. The person to whom the information pertains.
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