The College has established three boards (or committees) responsible for overseeing research in specific areas. 

The appropriate Institutional Review Board is required to review and approve all proposed research in regulated areas that will be conducted under the College’s auspices. Approval is required regardless of funding status or sponsorship. Federal regulations on research practices are designed to protect the rights and safeguard the welfare of research subjects. The College recognizes that as an important responsibility and the regulations provide excellent guidelines for establishing a local peer-review process. If this review process is neglected, the College is at risk for losing its federal funding including funding of student programs (e.g., federal financial aid to students). Finally, the IRB process is intended to facilitate conversations about ethics and research practices on the Occidental College campus.

Human Subjects Research Review Committee
This committee approves research done by faculty, students, and staff of Occidental College that involves human subjects. Email:

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
This committee reviews the institution's program for the humane care and use of nonhuman vertebrate animals, reviews projects involving covered animals, and inspects all of the institution's laboratory animal facilities. Email:

Institutional Biosafety Committee
This committee monitors and reviews all research and teaching activities using infectious agents, hazardous chemicals, recombinant DNA, and genetically altered organisms. Email: