Approval Requests


1. We will only accept proposals from faculty supervisors. Faculty mentors can and should engage students in the writing of the IRB proposal. However, the proposal and the CITI completion certificates must be submitted to the hsrrc email by the faculty mentor.

2  Researchers do not need to submit an online version of their survey instrument to the committee, and they do not need to get a member of the CDLA to check the skip-logic of the online survey (i.e., non-consenters cannot proceed with taking the survey; we ask that they check this before they send out their survey). They need only submit the survey instrument as an attachment in Microsoft Word along with their completed proposal. 

Please also note that the HSRRC IRB no longer requires annual review for proposals approved through expedited review unless specifically stated otherwise.

Student Requests

You should begin thinking about the IRB process at the same time you are discussing your research plans with a faculty member who will agree to be the Faculty Supervisor on your research project. Before submitting your human subjects request to the HSRRC/IRB for review, Faculty Supervisors should evaluate and approve the research design and methodology, as well as the Approval Request Form and informed consent process/document(s). Faculty Supervisor support can significantly influence data quality and HSRRC/IRB approval time. As stated above, for Summer 2021 (and until otherwise stated), student proposals must be submitted by the Faculty Supervisor.

Occidental requires all principal investigators (faculty members, students, administrators & staff) engaged in human subject research to certify to the HSRRC-IRB that they have completed human subjects training before starting a research project. CITI training in human subject research is required starting August 1, 2018 as part of the HSRRC-IRB review process, and before approval of a research project. Principal Investigators including student and faculty researchers, as well as faculty mentors/supervisors, should plan to complete the training well in advance of submitting a request for human subject research to Occidental's HSRRC-IRB. Documentation of training should be submitted as a PDF file when you submit a request to conduct research with human subjects to the HSRRC-IRB Office at Certificates should be submitted every time you submit a proposal. We do not have the ability to check for prior submissions.

If you believe that your proposal may be exempt from review by this committee, you must still submit the following information and any required accompanying materials to the committee. Please use the following template and respond to each of the questions, creating an electronic file that can be emailed to us.

Standard/Non-Media Projects

Media Projects