Faculty Support

The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office assists faculty and program staff with the preparation and submission of funding applications to foundations, corporations and select government agencies.

Services include:

  • Identifying Funding Opportunities: Do you have an idea but are unsure where to start? CFR can help to search for opportunities and determine a good fit with your project/research.
  • Completing Required College Forms Prior to Submission: All proposals sent on behalf of Oxy (or where funding comes to Oxy vs. an individual faculty member) must be approved prior to submission by the Sponsored Research Office (SRO) and Grants & Contracts Office. The CFR team assists with the preparation of required forms and secures RPAS (Request for Approval Submission) approval for all proposal submissions to foundations and corporations. We can help you find, prepare, and submit those forms.  (Please see the SRO link on our main page to access the form.

    Additionally, research involving human subjects, animal subjects, or potentially hazardous or infections materials requires approval from the appropriate institutional research board. Please visit the Institutional Review Boards website to determine if your project requires approval. If you have any questions or require help connecting with the office, CFR is happy to assist you.

  • Preparing Project/Research Information In Compliance with Foundation Requirements: CFR works with applicants to interpret funding priorities and guidelines, assist with gathering relevant institutional information, and format proposals based on funder requirements.
  • Editing and Reviewing Applications:  The CFR team is available to edit proposals at any stage of completion for grammar and clarity. Prior to submission, CFR completes a final review to make sure all required pieces are in order based on foundation guidelines. 
  • Submitting Proposals: CFR submits or helps facilitate the submission of proposals online or via mail. For the submission of request to government agencies, CFR collaborates with the SRO where needed for submission through grants.gov.  

Interested in working with CFR?

Please schedule an appointment to discuss your project/research and viability for funding. If you have a short concept paper or outline on your project send it to us ahead of time. Please remember:

  • All Grants Must Be Approved by the Sponsored Research Office and Grants & Contracts Office Prior To Submission: To give the College an idea of what your project is and to ensure it does not violate any campus policies, an RPAS must be submitted along with a copy of the proposal and budget to the SRO and Grants Office in advance of the proposal deadline. The CFR office is happy to help to complete and submit the necessary paperwork.
  • Please Allow Sufficient Time for Approvals, Revisions, and the Submission of Proposals: Allow for a minimum of two weeks for the College to approve required forms. As the CFR office handles more than just faculty requests, please also make sure you allow additional time for us to properly assist you without the stress of last minute revisions.