Blog & Blog Posts

A blogs is a page of blog posts written in an informal or conversational style.

Anatomy of a blog

Blogs have two parts

  1. Blog Front Page (blog) - Summaries of blog posts appear here.   
  2. Blog Post - A blog post is an individual article, story, or news piece on a blog.

Optional Features

Blog Front Page

screenshot of a blog front

Add a blog to your website 


  1. Submit a new page request form.
  2. Include the following information in your request: page name, page type, location. 

Add a post to your blog

Please note: the process for adding a post to your blog has changed as of Fall 2017. 

Blog Post

screenshot of a blog post


  1. Navigate to the blog you want to edit, e.g.
  2. Click the edit button drop-down, then select "new blog post".
    click new blog post
  3. The "linked to blog page" field will be pre-populated with the name of the parent blog for your post.
    choose blog parent
  4. Title - enter your blog post title in the title field.
    blog title field
  5. Publishing date - today's date is the default publish date. To backdate a post, select a date in the past.
  6. Main image - upload a cropped image. See cropping an image.
    main image field
  7. Intro - Enter a one sentence headline for your post. In the above example, the intro copy field displays the post author's name. 
    intro copy field
  8. Body - Type or paste your story, article or news piece in the body field. This field can contain text, tables, links, images and video.
    body copy field
  9. Groups Audience - Before saving, select the parent DEPARTMENT for your blog (in this example, Campus Conversation) from the field titled "Groups Audience". You will only see a list of departments you have access to edit here. If you do not see the department that your blog belongs to in this list, please email to request an update to your permissions.
    select group audience
  10. Click "Save" to publish your blog post.