The College Event Calendar on is the primary online tool for promoting your events.

Calendar Event
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The College Event Calendar
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Calendar Event

As the event host/organizer, you are responsible for adding your event to the college calendar. Your calendar event should include a compelling description of your event, the date, time and location, and a high quality photograph or graphic.

How to Add Your Calendar Event

  1. Request a web editor training session, after which you will receive a web editor account.

  2. Follow the step-by-step tutorial for adding your calendar event.

  3. Visit Web Office Hours or email for web editor training and support.

NOTE: You calendar event is NOT a space reservation and vice versa. Adding your event to the calendar and reserving space for your event area two separate steps in your event planning process. See the Event Planning Resources.

College Event Calendar

The College Event Calendar is displayed in several places: the homepage, MyOxy, the Oxy calendar homepage and department-specific event feeds.

The homepage

Homepage calendar screenshot

The calendar feed on MyOxy

MyOxy calendar screenshot

The Oxy event calendar

Oxy event calendar screenshot

Upcoming department events

upcoming department events screenshot

Oxy Calendar Homepage

The homepage calendar page at displays a feed of today’s events plus three featured upcoming events. To request that your event be featured, email

Department/Office Homepage Event Feed

The main Oxy calendar displays all college events. An optional event feed can display events on the homepage of the sponsoring department/office. Email us at to have this activated.

  • Upcoming Events feed displays the next three events tagged with a sponsoring department/office on the corresponding homepage.
  • Events disappear from the list once they pass.
  • The event feed hides when there are no events to display.

Specialty Calendar Filters

Calendar filters allow you to view specific types of events. On the calendar homepage there is a dropdown menu for sorting events by both department and category. Event categories are designated when you set up the event listing, as outlined in the Adding a Calendar Event tutorial.

Event Planning Resources

Space Reservations

Space reservations must be made through Master Calendar (Resource25).

Event Planning Resources Website

More information about planning campus events is available on the Event Planning Resources website.

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