Students are responsible for knowing the following:

The College provides each resident with a bed and mattress (twin size, extra long 36 x 80 in.), desk, desk chair, and dresser. Students are responsible for furniture provided by the College. Mattresses and box springs must remain on the bed frame and may not be placed on the floor. Stacked dressers should not be used as supports for other items. Any damage that results from improper use of furniture will be charged to the residents. Fines will be assessed for any missing/damaged furniture or other College property belonging to individual rooms. The furniture in lounges and public areas must not be taken out of the building for any use. Common area furniture found in residents' rooms will be considered theft of property and may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. Common area furniture will be removed from rooms when noted during inventories and the resident(s) will be assessed a $50 moving charge.

Residents may not:

  • Loft or unloft any bed in the room, for any reason;
  • Remove room furniture from rooms;
  • Move indoor furniture to an outdoor location (sun porch, patio, etc.);
  • Remove closet doors;
  • Disable any equipment that alters the normal functioning of doors;
  • Bring in outside mattresses for use in the room;
  • Disable or tamper with smoke detectors;
  • Tamper with or remove window screens;
  • Remove signage (i.e. door signs, exit, bathroom, etc).


Last reviewed:  July, 2020

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