Students are responsible for knowing the following:

All policies regarding use of electrical appliances are subject to change and approval by Residential Education and Housing Services in consultation with Facilities Management, based on actual usage and limitations of electrical capabilities within each residence hall. The following are strictly prohibited, for legal or safety reasons:

  • Weapons and firearms, as described in the Firearms and Weapons Policy.
  • Vaporizers or hookahs.
  • Smoke-generating machinery in and around the residence halls (including during special events and programs) because of the possibility of triggering false alarms.
  • Gasoline (kerosene, etc)-powered machinery such as motorcycles or mopeds and any other combustible items including combustible engines, flammable liquids, non-electric lanterns, portable barbeque grills, and large combustible decorations.
  • Electric or battery powered self-balancing boards such as hoverboards, balance gliders, etc.
  • Candles, incense, oil burners, and other similar items requiring an open flame for use
  • Natural trees and evergreens.
  • Use of more than three strands of lights on a single extension cord to avoid overloading outlets.  All light strands must comply with with UL safety standards and bear the UL Listing Mark.
  • Possession or use of electrical appliances with heating elements or high energy consumption, such as hot plates, rice cookers, electric coffee pots (with the exception of enclosed brewing devices e.g., Keurig and Nespresso appliances that do not have an exposed heating element), water boilers without an automatic shut-off function, immersion heaters, popcorn poppers, crock pots, electrical heaters, electric frying pans, electric woks, stoves, toaster ovens, air conditioners*, torchiere style halogen lamps, ultra-violet sun lamps or any other appliance which uses over 800 watts of electricity (with the exception of hair dryers), and/or any appliance that does not meet current UL specifications.
  • Personal Microfridge. Individual rooms and Berkus Hall Suites are equipped with one Microfridge unit. Those living in the Berkus Hall suite singles must receive prior approval by Residential Education and Housing Services to bring their own personal Microfridge for use in their single.
  • Extension cords longer than 10 feet and/or multiple cords. Approved extension cords must not be placed under rugs or tacked/stapled to the walls. Equipment that repeatedly overloads electrical circuits will be removed.
  • Possession/use of waterbeds or mattresses not supplied by the college.
  • Possession of any type of upholstered furniture not provided by the College which does not meet Fire Code CAL 133 or CAL 117. Each piece must be suitably labeled and written notice of compliance is required.
  • Hanging anything outside windows or on the residence hall facades. Placing anything on outside window ledges and balconies. Hanging anything (particularly anything made of fabric) on or from interior room ceiling, sprinklers, fire detectors, or window air conditioning units. 
  • Satellite dishes, radio/television antennas.
  • As listed in the ITS Appropriate Use Policy, only computers or networked devices that have been approved for connection by ITS may be connected to the College network.

Last reviewed: July, 2021


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