Students are responsible for knowing the following:

A residence hall is a group living situation, and thus it is important that residents be considerate of one another and the community around them. Generally, the right to quiet supersedes the right to make noise.  To assist in ensuring that the residence hall environment is a conducive living environment for all students, Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours have been established.

Quiet Hours are in place Sunday through Thursday from midnight to 8:00 AM, and Friday and Saturday from 2:00 AM -10:00 AM. 

Courtesy Hours are in effect 24 hours/day, and refers to the time outside of the listed Quiet Hours in which all residents are expected to be sensitive of the noise that they make, and how it could negatively contribute to the communal living environment.  Residents and staff have the right to confront any residents to request them to lower their noise levels.  If you are confronted for noise during Courtesy Hours, you are expected to comply with the request as if it were Quiet Hours. 

On Friday and Saturday all events must end by 1:00 AM.

Please note these hours extend to areas directly surrounding the residence halls as well.  Residents are allowed to store and use musical instruments in their rooms, but are expected to respond to any requests for quiet (regardless of the time of day). Residents who are not responsive to repeated requests may be required to permanently remove the instrument(s) from the residence hall.



Last reviewed: July, 2021


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