Students are responsible for knowing the following:

To prevent injuring fellow students and employees, residents are asked to dispose of sharp and hazardous materials properly. Examples of sharps include: needles, razor blades, pins, tacks, broken glass, and any other objects that could puncture a trash bag and cause injury to persons responsible for handling the trash. Hazardous materials are blood, bodily fluids of any kind, feces, etc.

If residents need to use syringes, Emmons Wellness Center will supply students with sharps disposal containers at no cost. They will also properly dispose of full sharps containers. For disposal of other sharp items place them into a cardboard box or other sturdy container, tape them shut and dispose of in the trash. Sharp items contaminated with blood must be disposed of in a sharps container. Contact the Emmons Wellness Center or Campus Safety for assistance in disposal.



Last reviewed: July, 2020


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