Students are responsible for knowing the following:

Trash must be deposited in trash chutes (where available) or in appropriate containers (e.g., trashcans, recycle) in the hall. Liquids, broken glass or anything that may cause a fire must not be put into the chutes. See Sharps Disposal section for procedures for discarding other hazardous materials. Bulky items should be deposited in dumpsters located outside the halls.

During the end of the semester move out trash should be taken directly to dumpsters located in and around the residence halls and not piled up in the halls. The fee for cleaning up extra trash in the halls will be assigned to the person(s) responsible for leaving trash in the hall. If the identity of the person(s) responsible cannot be determined, the cleaning fee will be divided among all residents living in the space.



Last reviewed: July, 2020

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