The ASOC Sustainability Fund was established by students of Occidental College in 2007 to fund projects and lead initiatives that make Occidental a more sustainable and environmentally just community.

Our mission is to disburse student body fees with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally just campus by means of promoting renewable energy, resource conservation, sustainable programming and workshops, food justice, environmental justice, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and by advocating for environmental sustainability, education, and awareness on campus.

We seek to empower students to carry out their visions for sustainability and environmental justice, while also making Occidental’s campus a better place to study and live. 

Sustainability Fund Representatives

Katie Placensia
Graham Luethe
Sophia Baker
Zoe Bush
Lelia Pederson
Street Senan
Caden Slater
Mialy Randriamanalina
Elizabeth Hulett

Sustainability Fund Advisor

Bevin Ashenmiller
Associate Professor, Economics

Address any questions to asocsustainability@oxy.edu and follow us on Instagram @oxysusfund!

Contact Associated Students of Occidental College
Johnson Student Center

Room 135C (first floor)