Outside Food Guidelines

Want to serve food from an outside source at your event?

NOTE: All private social events and events inviting the public, including those sponsored by on-campus entities must use the catering services of Campus Dining

Outside food may be brought onto Campus by Oxy faculty, staff and students under some circumstances, and only to non-restricted areas. Restricted areas include:

  • Outside food is not permitted in the 2nd floor meeting and dining rooms of the Johnson Student Center
  • Outside food events are only permitted in Samuelson Pavilion when the Tiger Cooler is not open.
  • Food of any kind is restricted in Johnson Hall/Mckinnon Center. No food or beverage is permitted in the Choi Auditorium. Contact Master Calendar for details.
  • Food of any kind is restricted in the Academic Commons. Contact Master Calendar for details.

Food Safety

  • Clubs and organizations which are focused on food service enterprise have expanded food safety requirements including at least one e-board member with ServSafe Manager level certification. Contact dining@oxy.edu for more information.
  • Food must be obtained from a licensed food operation with an “A” rating from the Health Department
  • At each event at which outside food is brought onto campus by an Oxy constituent, at least one club member or department staff person must have been trained on food safety and be present and actively responsible for food safety for the duration of the event.
  • Menus for all events will be subject to review for food safety maximization. Some foods are more potentially hazardous than others - you may be referred to Campus Dining or CEAC for guidance on minimizing risk.

Caterers, Food Trucks, Restaurants and other Food Vendors

Outside entities setting up and serving, selling or giving away food are permitted to come onto campus providing all College requirements are met. Four to six weeks planning time is required. 

  • All vendors must be pre-approved by The Office of Risk Management 
  • Students: Please work with your SLICE contact
  • Outside entities may not provide or serve alcohol at events. Only Campus Dining is licensed to serve alcohol on campus. 
  • If a student club secures an outside caterer, the service provided from that vendor must be all-inclusive. Everything must be self-contained and supported solely by the contracted food service provider. Campus Dining will not be able to provide additional service or support.  
  • An appointment with CEAC is usually required, for guidance on vendor placement, resource needs and event logistics
  • Most events of this type are hosted. Food vendors may sell food only under certain circumstances, limited to Food Trucks and Student Fundraising only