Campus Events Advisory Committee (CEAC)

CEAC is the primary resource on campus for event planning policies, support, and guidance.

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The Campus Events Advisory Committee (CEAC) is a working group of campus resource providers that meets weekly on Tuesdays 11:30a.m. - 1p.m. in the Facilities Conference Room (bldg #12L, located under the tennis courts) during the academic year. Summer meetings are held monthly. CEAC's purpose is to assist and advise event planners to ensure the smooth execution of on-campus events.

For a 15-minute appointment with CEAC, please contact Alanna Bailey at or (323) 259-2918

Members 2019-2020

Celia Ruiz, Facilities Management, CEAC Co-chair
Shaneice Warfield, SLICE, CEAC Co-chair
Alanna Bailey, SLICE, CEAC Secretary
Jim Andersen, Risk Management
Liz Boyd, Office of the Dean of the College
Elizabeth Braxton, REHS
Lina Calderon-Morin, SLICE
Angela Choi, Master Calendar
Claudia Conde, Campus Safety
Laura Crescenzo, Office of the President
Alisa Fishbach, Alumni & Parent Engagement
Allie Gordon, Marketing & Communications
Viktor Kearney, SLICE
Irma Mancilla, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life



Steven Montes, Facilities Management
Amy Munoz, Hospitality Services
Saraith Murillo, Campus Dining
Amy Reyes, Engagement Events
Marcus Rodriguez, SLICE
Leanne Sappington, Donor Engagement and Events
Rick Tanksley, Campus Safety
Jasmine Teran, Marketing & Communications
James Tranquada, Marketing & Communications
Cori Vallembois, Athletics
Luca Van der Meer, Student Representative
Nicole Warner, Conference Services & Campus Filming
Tiffany Wright, Admissions