Please take a moment to review our policies before making a request!


  • We are a FREE service (excluding logo designs) for student clubs and organizations that are recognized by the college.
  • Clients are allowed a maximum of two revisions per design. We will send you a draft of your design upon completion, which you should review carefully for errors, so that we can correct them before printing. It is your responsibly to respond in a timely manner. If the designer sends you a design to be approved and you fail to reply in a timely manner you risk going over the 10 day turn around period.
  • If the client does not follow up with the designer within 5 days we reserve the right to cancel the design request.
  • We are not responsible for proofreading any information sent to us. Please make sure all information is free of errors before you approve it to send to print. Double check dates, locations, times, etc.
  • Keep in mind that the designer assigned to your job is your primary contact. Talk to them first about the status of a job.
  • We reserve the right to shut down the request form at any time.
  • Organizations and departments may not submit more than 3 design requests at a time.
  • If you would like to alter the text (date, time, location, etc.) on a poster that we previously designed for you, you will be responsible for printing the new version. Regardless of whether it is a rush job or not.
  • **NEW: If you post a design we made for you on a social media platform, you must tag us in it. Our Instagram handle is @oxydesignservice.

Admin Requests

  • For academic and administrative departments requesting ODS services, a $30 non-refundable fee will be assessed. For custom logos, a $40 non-refundable fee will be accessed. This fee is assessed regardless of whether the design is used for the department's purposes.
  • We DO NOT pay for printing for Administrative Department jobs. Administrative departments are in charge of sending the final design to print.
  • Please request your job at least 10 days before you would like to have it printed. We have a 10 day turn around policy (the day you submit a request does not count as day 1). Generally, our designers can complete most jobs within two weeks. Often, it will take less time than that, and occasionally it might take more, depending on the amount of jobs designers are currently working on.

Custom Logos

  • Logos are long-lasting visual trademarks for any brand, whether for a student organization or academic department. They require time and a thorough process for the designer. Thus, logo designs are $25 for student organizations/clubs and $40 for academic/administrative departments.

Rush Orders

A rush order is a design request with a requested turn around time of less than 10 days. The amount will depend on the timeframe of the request.

Additionally, remember that the day on which the request is submitted does not count as day 1.

  • 8-9 day rush - no design charge, but no final design guaranteed (same as old policy)
  • 7 day rush - $10 (final design guaranteed)
  • 6 day rush - $20 (final design guaranteed)
  • 5 day rush - $30 (final design guaranteed)
  • 4 day rush - $40 (final design guaranteed)
  • 3 day rush - $50 (final design guaranteed)

What this means for academic/admin departments: You will be charged the $30 design fee and the rush fee. Please note you will still be in charge of your own printing charges, as well.

What this means for student organizations: ODS will continue to cover the $30 design fee; however, you will be responsible for the additional rush fee. Please note, similar to the current rush order policy, you will still be in charge of covering printing costs.

We want to create the best possible product for your club/organization or administrative department and understand the urgency in your request.

Rush Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel a design request before you received an email indicating a designer has been assigned to your request, all fees will be waived.
  • If you cancel a design request after you have received an email specifiying a designer has been assigned to your request, but before the final design has been completed, then you will have to pay half of the fee.
  • If you cancel a design request after a designer has been assigned to your job request AND after the designer has provided you with the final design, then you must pay the full rush fee.


  • ODS will print posters for all clubs and organizations with a typical 10+ day turnaround. However, we will charge for the printing fees. For alternate places to digitally display posters:
  • We do not actually print your posters, Oxy Design Service and the DOCS (Document Output / Creative Services) Printing Center are separate services. Once the design is complete and we can send the design to DOCS if requested, it usually takes 1 business day to print a job. You will be contacted by the Printing Center directly when the prints are ready to be picked up. DOCS is located in Room 120 at the AGC.
  • If you do not pick up your poster from the copy center within 4 business days after it has been printed, it will be trashed and we will not be responsible for reprinting.
  • DO NOT send any draft to be printed unless we inform you that it is a printable resolution, or your final design will turn out highly pixelated.
  • In addition, please do not print any color design in black-and-white, as colors that contrast might run together when converted to grayscale, potentially making the design illegible.
  • We are not a printing service. If you give us a design, we will not print it. If you need help with printing you can contact DOCS.
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