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What are Community-Based Learning & Research (CBLR) Classes?

  1. The syllabus, or the community-based learning & research project, is jointly designed by faculty, community partners, and when appropriate, by students.
  2. The community connection (field trips included) or project is part of the learning objectives, and this is stated in the syllabus, or verbally to students at the beginning of the semester. The projects could be on or off campus.
  3. The community connection or project is meant to enhance academic learning and teach social responsibility.
  4. Guided reflection to help students integrate the learning from the community connection/project is included in class in ways appropriate for the discipline and for the class. Examples of reflection include guided journaling of the learning through the community experience, class discussions about their community experience in relationship with the class, term papers, and class and community presentations.
CBLR classes in the Education in Action (EIA) Program allow students to serve as class facilitators and work with faculty to coordinate and implement the CBLR components of their course.

Community-connected classes:

Community connected classes include field or internship projects that meet learning objectives through visits to community organizations or schools, neighborhoods, museums, libraries and other places outside of the college. These projects may or may not benefit the community, on or off campus.

Spring 2023 community-based learning and research classes

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