Land Use & Zoning

Land use and zoning influences people's health, livelihoods and quality of life. UEPI is engaged in the city's first update of its zoning code since 1946. This upcoming revision process is therefore a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to change the DNA of land use in the City and shape Los Angeles as a more healthy, equitable, and sustainable place.

The City of Los Angeles recently launched a Comprehensive Zoning Revision to be conducted over the next five years. UEPI's Mark Vallianatos has been named to the Zoning Advisory Committee advising the City Planning Department on the re:code process. The  re:code LA revision process is a chance to promote land uses that reflect the reality and aspirations of contemporary Los Angeles.  With the right policies, it can also help us become a better city with more walkable, equitable and healthy communities, more diverse and affordable forms of housing, less segregation, more sustainable energy and water systems, and more vibrant and creative places and economic activity. Mark Vallianatos has written a series of articles on how zoning can link to mobility in different areas of the City:

Parks, Hills, Homes, Boulevards, Centers, and Industry: a Concept to Integrate Land Use and Transportation Policies in Los Angeles

Integrating Land Use and Transportation II: The Hills

Integrating Land Use and Transportation III: Homes Zone

Integrating Land Use and Transportation IV: Boulevard Zones

Integrating Land Use and Transportation V: Centers

Integrating Land Use and Transportation VI: Industry