Streets are perhaps our most important public spaces. Communities and advocates are seeking to reshape streets as good places for people and for multi-modal transportation rather than just as channels for cars.

Streets can also play a role in reducing pollution and adapting to climate change through more trees and bus shelters for shade, permeable paving that infiltrates water, and reflective paving to reduce the temperature of urban areas.
UEPI has organized bike and street summits to bring together advocates for safe, livable streets and active transportation. We have worked to improve policies that regulate the design and use of streets and and to encourage more walking, cycling, transit use, sidewalk vending and spaces for social interaction. Occidental students helped analyze York and Colorado Boulevards near the College, contributing to community plans for road diets, bike lanes, safer crosswalks, bike corrals, parklets and other complete street changes. Students also participated in a citywide bike and pedestrian count and have joined thousands of other Angelenos in exploring L.A. during CicLAvia.
For more information about the Streets program, please contact Mark Vallianatos.