Upward Bound participants are required to participate in all functions of the program.

Upward Bound at Occidental College tailored services revolve around the following principles: Respect, Cooperation, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion, and Academic Honesty. Collectively, these ideals influence our services in four different areas:

1) Academic Year Services

During the Academic Year, all Upward Bound participants meet up on a weekly basis with their advisor to develop their academic plan, assess their current academic performance, and enforce constant communication between them and Upward Bound Staff. These on-site visits set the tone for our 22 Saturday Sessions, where students take academic enrichment courses, gain access to college preparation and access knowledge, and research their best fit institutions—all starting in the 9th grade.

2) Summer Residential Program

Upon the completion of the Academic year in early June, rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to participate in the Summer Residential Program on Oxy’s campus. For 5 weeks, students partake in a rigorous course schedule, have structured discussions about their concerns on transitioning to college, and become exposed to the various components of the college lifestyle.

3) Parent Institute

Upward Bound is fully aware of the key role parents and guardians play in the college preparation, enrollment, and graduation process. 2014 marks the establishment of the Upward Bound Parent Institute where parents participate in monthly discussion-based college knowledge workshops, emphasizing the analysis of their unique expectations, behaviors, and habits of support. 

4) College Retention Program

One of our newest objectives is to ensure our students graduate from college within 6 years or less. To meet this goal, Oxy Upward Bound has developed its College Retention Program where UB graduating seniors work closely with an advisor to see that they successfully enroll in key courses, have their financial aid dispursed, and become acclimated to their campus. Because our students face unique challenges whether they are at a 2 or 4 year institution; are on campus or commute; or are proactively filling any funding gaps to fund their college degree, Upward Bound is committed to meeting at least once with each of our college students on a monthly basis until they graduate.

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