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ICC Guidelines
All student conduct rules apply at the ICC
Noise level - We have neighbors; please keep the noise to a normal level. 
Trash - Remove any overflowing trash and put it in the black trash can in the backyard. 
Lights - Turn off all lights and TV before leaving.
Doors & Blinds - Ensure that the door to the backyard is locked and all blinds and curtains are closed.
Kitchen - Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, counters, or table.
Refrigerator - If you plan to store food, please use the label system. Keep in mind that any food stored will be thrown away three days from the date stated on the label.
Once your event is over and you are ready to leave, please call campus security at (323)259-2599. They will come to the ICC and lock up the front door, and set the alarm.
Report any issues with the building to aescobar2@oxy.edu. In the case of an incident, please fill out an Incident report.
Contact the ICC
Intercultural Community Center

1501 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 6 pm