Build a campus-wide culture of student success and satisfaction

  • Educate campus on CEI as an institutional priority and as a community responsibility (we’re all part of it)

  • Develop an integrated communication plan to inform the community on CEI goals, progress to goals, and to gain community feedback and input

Create a data driven culture that infuses evidence into planning and decision-making

  • Collect, analyze and visualize CEI-related data; create knowledge

  • Report and present on the analysis of data

  • Democratize the data, making it available to institutional constituencies

  • Support best practice research

Connect CEI goals/outcomes with institutional Key Performance Indicators

  • Identify appropriate KPIs, establish goals, report on progress

  • Report on institutional survey and annual rankings results as KPIs play a large role in these outcomes

Provide professional development on SEM (Strategic Enrollment Management) principles and best practice for CEI membership

Membership (2018-19):


  • Vince Cuseo, Vice President for Enrollment

  • Kristi Allen, Associate Vice President for Institutional Planning


  • Chris Ferguson, Associate Vice President, Enrollment

  • Megan Gallagher, Director of Enrollment Marketing

  • Courtney Stricklin Burgan ’03, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission & Coordinator of Volunteer Relations

  • Monika Moore, Director, Alumni and Parent Engagement

  • Rob Flot, Vice President for Student Affairs

  • Caro Brighouse, Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs; Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science

  • Marty Sharkey, Vice President for Marketing and Communications

  • Director of Institutional Research

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