two students in front of a dumpster full of garbage and other items

At the end of the academic year, many students end up with items they no longer need or want – many of which end up in the landfill.

Green Move Out is a collaborative effort of the Office of Sustainability, Residential Education and Housing Services (REHS), and Facilities Management to divert as much of these items as possible from landfill and circulate them back into the local community. 

Beginning the day after classes end in the spring, students may donate acceptable items to the Donation Stations located in each residence hall by sorting them into the appropriate donation bin! This helps to keep the bins from overflowing, and helps Green Move Out volunteers direct the donated goods to the appropriate recipient, which range from our on-campus Oxy Ecossentials Club and the Library Critical Making Studio to local thrift shops and shelters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the academic year, many students end up with items they no longer need or want – many of which end up in the landfill. Green Move Out is an opportunity for students to donate good-condition, unwanted items to our campus community instead of throwing them out. Volunteers sort through these items to opportunities for donations to our community reuse partners, or keep items on campus for a low-cost resale via the Oxy Ecossentials student organization. Donating your items to Green Move Out at the end of the year not only supports sustainability on campus by promoting a circular economy, but also by giving back to our community. 

Please direct questions regarding Green Move Out, including volunteer inquiries, suggestions for donation recipients in the local community, etc, to

Donating to Green Move Out is easy! Each residence hall will have a designated "Donation Station" to accept items. Please see the list of accepted items below! 

Accepted Items

Please be sure all items are gently used or in usable condition. Please only donate items that you think someone else could use. When in doubt, throw it out!

  • Tools for household cleaning, such as  - working vacuums, brooms, Swiffers
  • Lamps (with lightbulbs removed)
  • Small and large fans, small appliances 
  • Coats and clothing
  • Vases, glassware and cookware
  • Small shelving units (rolling carts, plastic drawers)
  • Shower caddies
  • Small rugs (please clean as best you can)
  • Textbooks, other books, and school / office supplies
  • Art supplies (paints, brushes, etc) 
  • Clean eco-clamshells (note, these should be returned to dining, donating to Green Move Out does not avoid any fines on your account)
  • Unopened, non-perishable food items
  • Working electronics

Starting on May 1st, 2024, a “Donation Station” will be available at each campus residence hall, including college-owned off-campus student housing. Most dorms will cease donations on May 16th. Please note, leaving items loose in the common rooms after the Donation Stations close is unacceptable.

Donation Station Locations & Closing Dates by Dorm Building

Residence Hall

Green Move Out Donation Station

Donation Station Closing Date

Bell Young

Main common area on the 2nd floor near arcade machine

May 16

Berkus Hall 

Outside of the Study Lounges

May 16

Berkus House

Main common area on the 1st floor

May 11


Main common area on the 2nd floor

May 16


Main common area on the 1st floor near arcade machine

May 16


Main common area on the 1st floor

May 16

Food Justice Houses

Common Area/Living Rooms

May 16

Guest House / Baldwin House

Common Area/ Living Room

May 11


Main common area on the 1st floor

May 16


Main common area on the 1st floor under bulletin board

May 16


Main common area at Green/Orange

May 16


2nd floor common area under largest bulletin board near back left corner

May 16


1st floor common area against wall nearest pool table

May 16


Main common area on the 1st floor

May 16


Main common area on the 1st floor against the windows in the back right corner

May 11


Main Common area located at the front of Wylie where the TV is located

May 16

At this time, we have a number of items we are unable to accept as donations. Please see the list of unaccepted items below, as well as the proper way to dispose of them. 

Please note, any items left in dorm rooms after move out day incurs an improper checkout fee. 

Unaccepted Items Disposal Location
Bulky furniture (couches, tables, mattresses) Off-campus self-disposal (bring to landfill or donate to thrift store)
Broken and/or dirty items On-campus dumpsters
Opened and/or perishable food items On-campus dumpsters
Small electronic waste (non-functional wires, chords/chargers, ALL batteries) Collection bins in Oxy Mailroom
ALL light bulbs Collection bins in Oxy Mailroom
Large electronic waste (non-functional fans, vacuum cleaners, PCs, TVs, monitors, speaker systems) Facilities Yard
Household hazardous waste (cleaning supplies, chemicals, medications, toiletries)
LA City Sanitation SAFE Center located at 2649 E. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (9a-3p Sat and Sun)
Everyday trash / recycling On-campus dumpster or recycling bin


After you drop off items at the Donation Stations, Green Move Out volunteers sort and identify items based on the needs and preferences of potential recipients. Office of Sustainability staff then coordinate pickups or drop offs of these items with the organizations. 

A significant portion of dorm-specific items like bed risers, hangers, textbooks, decor, etc stay on campus to be offered at little or no cost to incoming and returning students at the Oxy Ecossentials Fall Sale! For updates about the Oxy Ecossentials Sales, follow them on Instagram @oxyecossentials. 

Potential Recipients: 

  • Downtown Women’s Shelter
  • Bridge Thrift
  • Out of the Closet Thrift 
  • SUAY Sew Shop
  • Madewell
  • TerraCycle
  • On Campus Partners: Oxy Ecossentials, Library Critical Making Studio, Sustainable Oxy Citizens Club

If you are interested in receiving donations, please reach out to us at

By donating to Green Move Out instead of throwing away your things, you are… 

  • Avoiding greenhouse gas emissions from transporting items to landfill
  • Extending the life of your things, reducing need for extraction or manufacturing of new materials and items 
  • Supporting a circular economy by keeping materials in circulation instead of the landfill
  • Providing low-cost or repurposed clothing and goods back to the local community

Yes! To volunteer for Green Move Out 2024, please visit this link

Volunteers help collect, sort, and redistribute items left during spring move out and are crucial to the program’s success! It is a wonderful opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to build community and support the campus’ sustainability efforts. 

As a thank-you for their incredible support, volunteers receive: 

  • Extended stay on campus through Commencement Day
  • A volunteer appreciation luncheon and snacks throughout volunteer days. 
  • “Leave behinds” from move out process for personal use
  • A unique “Green Move Out” tee shirt!
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