Hear what a few of our biochemistry alumni say about their experiences in Occidental's program.

The joy and excitement I experienced in molecular and cell biology classes steered me to a career focused on identifying what aspects of normal biology were affected in disease pathology, and then on to drug discovery and development in industry to apply that knowledge to developing targeted therapeutics.”

–Leslie Holsinger ’87

Executive Vice President at Cortexyme, a startup working in neurodegenerative disease

My interest in genetics flourished as a result of my senior capstone project at Oxy, in which I reviewed recent articles that described using DNA modification to create cellular resistance to HIV.”

–Lauren Gunderson ’12

Genetic counselor, Department of Clinical Genomics at the Mayo Clinic

At Oxy I benefited from top-notch mentorship as well as rigorous coursework that has positioned me well for graduate school. I also completed a Richter Research Fellowship that was incredibly beneficial. I think basic science research at Oxy is also stellar.”

–Kylie McPherson ’13

Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience; Oregon Health and Science University

The biochemistry major at Oxy prepared me extremely well for graduate school. The performance expectations for the classes within the major were very similar to those of graduate school. I also think the emphasis on undergraduate research (I had the opportunity to do research at City of Hope) was instrumental to my acceptance into graduate programs. Senior comps also prepared me very well for reading scientific literature efficiently."

–Shannon Owens ’14

Ph.D. Candidate, Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; University of California

Senior comps helped me learn how to present research, which became very helpful when I transitioned to a point where I was presenting work that was actually my own. Furthermore, Oxy gave me a powerful background in basic science that helped me both academically and in clinical practice.”

–Robert George ’16

MD Candidate, University of Illinois
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